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Every year, more than 3 million child abuse cases are reported nationwide, involving more than 6 million children. Although criminal cases are filed against most of the abusers, the victims may also be entitled to financial compensation by filing a civil claim. When a child is abused, no amount of compensation can undo harm and pain done. However, filing a lawsuit against a child abuser can bring the victims and their family members with the closure they need to move on from this devastating experience.

At the Nourmand Law Firm, our compassionate legal attorneys know the impact of abuse on a child and his or her family members. We provide not only legal guidance, but also support and compassion to our clients to help them get the justice that they deserve.

Different Types of Child Abuse

Some of the most common forms of child abuse include:

  • Physical abuse: Injuries that are caused by physical aggression, such as beating, shaking or burning. Even if the injuries are not intended, they still are child abuse.
  • Sexual abuse: Refers to any type of sexual act between an adult and a child. This can include intercourse, incest, rape, sodomy and oral sex. The child can never be at fault in such a case because it is the responsibility of the adult to not engage in such acts.
  • Emotional abuse: Any action that has a negative effect on the mental health of a child. This can range from verbal abuse to overly harsh punishments.

Child Abuse Lawsuits

Child abuse is often a nasty secret that is swept under the rug in many homes and organizations. Criminal proceedings against the accused may obtain a measure of justice for the victims, but the criminal justice process will not compensate you or your child for the abuse suffered.

Who is going to pay for the psychological counseling and care that the child needs? Who is going to pay for the pain and suffering that the child experienced and continues to experience today?

Some of the parties that may be held legally and financially liable for child abuse include:

  • Youth groups
  • Churches
  • Teachers
  • Hospitals
  • Social workers
  • Government agencies

If your child or a young loved one has been molested, assaulted or abused in any way, it is important to know that you have certain civil rights. Obtaining experienced and resourceful counsel is imperative in holding the abuser civilly responsible for their wrongful actions. Our child abuse and sexual assault attorneys will work hard to hold abusers responsible for the wrong they have done.

The Best Child Abuse Personal Injury Lawyers

You could be entitled to compensation for your injuries and pain and suffering if you or a loved one has suffered from mental or physical injury, or death due to child or sexual abuse. The legal team at Nourmand Law Firm will do its best to represent your rights in a child abuse lawsuit.

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